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NRE Power Systems


"Best experience we ever had. It was wonderful working with
professionals at NREC. We were amazed at the actual
performance, no visible emissions, and super fuel economy."

-Tim Pauls, Cheif Engineer
Pan Isles, Inc. - Captain Pete - Gulfport, MS

"Very happy everything went well, great working with NRE.
Very pleased with Scania support."

-Chem Carriers - Sam Hayes, Sunshine LA

"Before electronic engines we would have ran them WFO burning 1536 gallons daily for a total of 12,288 gallons making no better speed.

Now we got some smart stuff and we used it burning 789 gallons daily for a total of 7,105 - saving 5183 gallons of fuel one way for a savings of $10,366.00 and oil consumption of a couple oil changes let's say 40 gallons total trip."

-T & D Towing - Morgan City, LA

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