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Scania Marine & Industrial Distributors

As the authorized distributor for Scania diesel engines in the Gulf Coast/Southern region, NRE Power Systems offers a wide range of engines for marine, industrial and light industrial applications. In addition to sales, we provide comprehensive service, repairs and support for Scania products.

Scania engines have earned a reputation for providing an outstanding blend of performance and operating economy. These engines are also available in versions that meet all of today’s emissions requirements – while also providing high uptime, good fuel economy and prompt engine response.

Over the years, NRE Power Systems has grown to become the largest dealer in the Scania dealer network – and we have also built our own network of dealerships to better serve customers throughout the Gulf Coast. For more information on SCANIA diesel engines, please feel free to contact NRE Power Systems or view our list of dealers for the location nearest you.

Introduction to SCANIA Engines

13-litre inline or 16-litre V8? Whichever you choose, you take onboard power plants that are developed for heavy duty operations, delivering impressive power, immediate response and the feeling of absolute trust and reliability.

Power and reliability. Outstanding fuel economy. The Scania marine engines for auxiliary applications are perfectly adapted for their task. And the new Scania engine range makes no exception from the rule.

Endless waterways to cover. Fast action and reaction to an encounter, a real threat or a friendly visit. In these situations the whole defense system must be on the alert within seconds while, deep in the hull, the engines must be able to rev up from zero to full power in no time. This is the Scania engine’s home turf.

Stationary engines lead a punishing life in very severe conditions. The demand for reliability and availability is extremely high because the engines often operate in environments and applications where standstills and breakdowns are unacceptable.


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